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Resident Evil 5

Easy Final Uroburos boss:


Submitted by: Koby1017

To make the final uroburos boss easier, upgrade the Lightning Hawk all the way

and purchase unlimited ammo for it (15,000 point) fight the uroburos and this

will be easier than fighting it with the LTD.


Inventory Duplication:


This requires two very cooperative human players, and a Live connection (or a

split screen game and two profiles).

1.In the Inventory Lobby, invite a friend.

2.Start the level (use 1.2 to make it easy). Have the host hand items (Rotten

Eggs, First Aid, Ammo) off to the guest for duplication.

3.With a full inventory, have the guest leave the game (it should say "All unsaved

progress will be lost" -- select "Yes").

5.After selecting "Yes," another question for the guest will appear asking whether

or not to save status and ammo. Choose "Yes" to save and you will have all the

passed-on inventory saved.

6.Now, back to the host: Quit out of the game, but at the second question, choose

"No" and do not save ammo and status.

7.Restart the game with the two characters and you'll both have the ammo and items.

Duplication successful! (Note: You cannot do this with weapons as you cannot hand

them off to your partner.)

Addendum: A popular money-making strategy involves duplicating Gold or Rotten Eggs.

These are worth $2,000 a pop, and 5 can be crammed in each inventory slot. That means

you can eventually be duplicating $90,000 each time. Finding Rotten Eggs can be tough;

they drop randomly from enemies in later levels. Also, for two people to increase the

amount of eggs quickly, you'll have to pass them back and forth, alternating who is

saving and who isn't. Finally, you may request eggs from the computer once the guest

has quit out to make this process faster.


Unlimited Ammo:


To unlock unlimited ammunition for a weapon, fully upgrade all of its attributes,

complete the game (all chapters) and buy the ability using Exchange Points from

Bonus Features (for that weapon only).


Discarding Weapons in Mercenaries Mode:


In Mercenaries mode, ammunition drops are based on the type of weapons you have.

Use this to your advantage by discarding weapons you don't use. This causes more

ammunition to be dropped for other weapons. Example: For Wesker (Stars), drop the

Samurai Edge to find more Magnum and Shotgun ammo.


Unlimited Ammo for All:


Once you unlock unlimited ammo for a gun, it will be unlocked for all copies of that

gun you may have. Buy one for your partner so they can join in the fun! Note: You'll

still have to fully upgrade any additional weapons to get their maximum power.


The Heart of Africa:


There is a special treasure to be had in the boss fight with Jill and Wesker. If

you beat up Wesker enough in the seven minutes he has to spare, the Heart of Africa

treasure will appear between the two stairs on the bottom level -- behind where Jill

spawns during the second half of the fight (and you can pick it up in the second half

too). One Rocket in Wesker's well-groomed face will do the trick (you have to shoot

the rocket with another rocket or a gun while he holds it). Hide at the end of a long

passage after he kicks you through the wall. Soon you'll see on your map that he's

spinning around, looking for you. Shoot him with a rocket then.


BSAA Emblems:


Below is a list of how many BSAA Emblems can be found on any given chapter in the

game. There are thirty emblems total, and not each chapter has one.

Chapter 1-1 - 0 Emblems

Chapter 1-2 - 3 Emblems

Chapter 2-1 - 5 Emblems

Chapter 2-2 - 3 Emblems

Chapter 2-3 - 0 Emblems

Chapter 3-1 - 4 Emblems

Chapter 3-2 - 2 Emblems

Chapter 3-3 - 1 Emblem

Chapter 4-1 - 3 Emblems

Chapter 4-2 - 1 Emblem

Chapter 5-1 - 1 Emblem

Chapter 5-2 - 1 Emblem

Chapter 5-3 - 3 Emblems

Chapter 6-1 - 3 Emblems

Chapter 6-2 - 0 Emblems

Chapter 6-3 - 0 Emblems


Hidden Dialog:


If you wait around long enough at the very beginning of Chapter 1-1, before any

checkpoints, you will trigger a conversation between Sheva and Chris in which Chris

gives a scathing critique of the American Dream.


Hidden Cutscene:


At the very start of Chapter 1-1, take your first right just past the building and

you'll see a quick cutscene of a fellow in an unfortunate predicament.


Easter Egg: The Chair:


In this immensely stupid Easter Egg, Chris and Sheva can take a short rest in a chair.

There are chairs in Chapter 5-3 (at the beginning of the chapter, far end of the lab)

and Chapter 6-2 (the Captain's seat). That is all.


Wesker's Dash Attack:


When using the unlockable character Wesker in Mercenaries, you can click the Right

Analog Stick (sometimes called R3) to initiate a dash. Press both Triggers while

dashing to do a knee attack. Warning: This move will drain your own life meter, so

use it sparingly!


Giant Crab Tips:


When you are fighting the giant crab in chapter 5 then you probably know you have

to shoot at the red tips on each leg, but when the monster comes crashing down and

opens its mouth, shooting at it does absolutely nothing. What you are meant to do

is get hand grenades (if you have none then look around the circle computer and you

will find 2 herbs (green) and a hand grenade, DO NOT throw it at the beast. It also

does nothing, go near the mouth when it is open after you have shot at the legs then

it will say "press 'X' to throw" obviously you should press 'X' then Chris will throw

the grenade in its mouth and the top shell will fall off. You must do this twice. If

you have no grenades, bad luck you have to wait for the mosquito-like things (i call

them Skeeters) and shoot them and they will drop a grenade sooner or later, then after

you have done that twice, RUN! he will swipe without warning and it will be a one hit

kill, no "dodge" chances at all, just run. When you have done all that, the easy part

is getting your handgun (by the way the mosquitoes drop X20 bullets at a time, a good

idea to pick em all up.) and shooting it once in the brain, it will be dead after



Train Station: Hidden Majini:


In the third part of the level, find the green portable toilet past the truck with

a Gatling gun. Knock on it to find a hidden Majini.


Completion bonuses:


Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting to unlock the following


* Chris' Safari and Sheva's Clubbin' alternate costumes

* "History Of Resident Evil" option

* "Infinity ammunition" option (must fully upgrade a weapon then purchase the unlimited

ammo from the "Bonus Features" section with points)

* Mercenaries mode

* New Game+ mode

* Play as Sheva Alomar

* Successfully complete the game under five hours (get an "S" rank) under any difficulty

setting to unlock the Infinity Rocket Launcher.

* Successfully complete the game under the Amateur difficulty setting to unlock the

"Classic Horror Filter" option.

* Successfully complete the game under the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the

"Retro Filter" option.


Easy money:


* This trick will help you gain money to max out and buy all the weapons. In any chapter,

collect as much gold, items, ammunition, and treasure you can find. When you are satisfied,

pause game play and quit the game. Save the game when prompted. Restart any desired chapter.

The "Shop" menu will appear before the start of any chapter. Notice that all the gold,

treasure, weapons, and ammunition from your previous saved game are still in your inventory.

From there, you can sell anything you want to gain some fast cash. This glitch can be done

repeatedly, on any chapter.

* Go through a chapter, collecting as many hand grenades as possible. Then, start Co-op

mode with a friend, system link, or over the Internet. Give your partner all of your grenades

and have them exit the game. After they leave, your AI partner will still have all of the

grenades. Make sure you request them back. While you do this, your friend that left can sell

the ones he took with him. You can have up to five in each slot, and they sell for 250 gold

each. You will gain 11,322 gold each time you do this (if you have all your slots full).

This is also a good way to stock up on ammunition.

* As soon as you defeat the Uruoburos for the second time you can repeat the beginning of

that chapter and collect lots of money and ammunition (especially for the machine gun).

Repeat this several times and you will be able to upgrade every weapon in your arsenal.


Easy quick game:


Use the following trick to get a combined clear time for the entire game of under five

hours (to unlock unlimited RPG ammunition). A really easy way of doing this is to play

under the Amateur difficulty setting and just run pass all enemies. Only kill story-driven

enemies (ones that hold key cards or those that must be defeated to advance the game). Also,

avoid any crates, barrels, or treasures. Attempting this with a friend instead of the CPU-

controlled Sheva is recommended. Note: You do not need to purchase the infinite ammo in

"Bonus Features" as you would do for normal guns.


Quick reload:


Display the inventory screen and combine ammunition manually with your weapon. This causes

weapons such as the shotgun to reload much faster than the normal method. You can also use

this trick while climbing ladders or jumping. Reload your weapon when the melee option appears.

Then, start the melee sequence. Your weapon will be reloaded instantly.




Picking up an item allows you to dodge an attack. This works best when surrounded by enemies.

Stand above an item on the floor while shooting. If you miss someone who runs up to you,

just pick up the item. Your character will duck the attack and the enemy will be open for

a counter-attack. Kill him, stand over the item that he drops, and continue.

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